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About Company

Imperia Group is a construction company founded in 2011. Years of experience ensures the quality and reliability of completed projects. The company literally has no competitors in the market due to the fact that it employs a team of qualified specialists in the respective field.

Specialized services include such works as construction of drainage networks, plastering using new technologies, creation of discharge networks, etc.

Any project of the Imperia Group company is absolutely consistent with the standards in the field and is implemented using the latest technologies. The obligations imposed by the client are fulfilled dutifully within the agreed timeframe and conditions.


High-quality construction work using the latest technology is the main starting point for the Imperia Group. Therefore, the company constantly maintains quality control, and new technologies are being introduced.


Integrity, quality and innovation are the three main advantages of the Imperia Group, which are confirmed by its many years of experience, implemented projects and satisfied customers.

Integrity – the work performed by the company fully complies with the terms and conditions agreed beforehand. Conscientious fulfillment of the imposed obligations is a decisive component of the company’s reputation.

Quality – Imperia Group is founded by professionals with many years of experience in this field. All services of the company fully comply with European standards and various criteria for quality determination.

Innovations – in the wake of current innovations, the Imperia Group is introducing a process to automate its services, which is expressed in the use of updated technologies. This, in turn, ensures high speed and productivity of work.

Our Team

Nana Jorjikia
Nugzar Okitashvili
Revaz Okitashvili